Revenue Driven For Our Clients

Our curiosity is what allows us to understand the problems brands face.

Our environment supports the growth of our business and our people.

At Symaxx we are not satisfied with the minimum and our team best reflects that. We always strive to build on a strong foundation to create the new, using our creativity, original spirit and unique perspective. We are a team of people who take pride in working with each other, and we demonstrate this in everything we do.

Our Values


Our environment is conducive to the growth of our business and our people. Collaboration is the driving force behind our creativity. We value inclusion and we are all together.


Our curiosity allows us to understand the challenges facing brands. It encourages us to dig deeper, broaden our perspectives, and find understandings that others don't.


Innovation is at the heart of our business. This is what drives us and our customers forward. The key to innovation is the balance of creativity and execution.


Symaxx Digital focuses on value-packed service, delivery, optimization, results, and changing perceptions of the industry.

Our Mission

Our Missions Is To Grow Brands Online.

Symaxx was founded in 2015 with a keen awareness of the need for companies to drive innovation, growth, and development. A company founded in just a few years with so many incredible talents has done just that.  

We are tireless in helping our clients in a variety of industries including, but not limited to, finance, automotive, tourism, manufacturing, and e-commerce. The digital channels we use enable us to develop teams, dominate the online space of our industry, and, most importantly, increase revenue. 

Our team loves seeing how their experiences and ideas have directly impacted the lives of business owners across the country. That is what drives them and us to become one company.

We all strive to be innovative and efficient, but we understand that even the most innovative campaigns depend on the level of communication between us and our customers.

Therefore, we ensure a meaningful, insightful, and regular level of communication, along with the high-quality work we produce through paid and organic channels. Making this a high priority allows us to communicate our methods and rationale, giving our clients confidence that we are always the right institution.

Our team makes Symaxx, Symaxx Digital. Our dedication and sincere desire to help our clients set us apart from other institutions. Our delivery team are experts in their field with many years of experience and are always working to make your campaigns more exciting and exciting and push the boundaries of your campaigns. While doing an unforgettable job, our sales and marketing departments are working to promote Symaxx as a business and are always looking for new opportunities.

Bukhosi Moyo

Founder and CEO

I’m a hands-on, proven IT Specialist with experience in SEO as well as established operations leveraging expertise in Digital Marketing, organization, and problem-solving to provide exceptional user support and assistance in resolving conflict.

I’ve been working in SEO for over 7 years—first as a teacher, then as a consultant, and now as a full-time SEO Analyst at Symaxx Digital. I’ve worked on many high-profile websites and am passionate about helping people understand how search works and how they can leverage it to their advantage.

Bukhosi Moyo

Our Services

SEO Services

We focus on growing your visibility and ranking in organic (non-paid) search engine results. 

Website Design

We create beautiful websites that will keep your clients engaged and coming back to you.

PPC Advertising

We create the best concepts and campaigns to make your brand succeed online.

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