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South Africa Website Design Prices In 2022

South Africa Website Design Prices In 2022

Maybe you are starting a new business and need a website? Or you may want to bring your existing business online.

Whatever your situation, getting your first business website can be confusing.

Which feature do you need? What about domain names and web hosting? And, of course, the most important question for any business: 

How much does it cost to build a website? 

This guide outlines important considerations for bringing your business online and gives you a rough idea of how much you should pay your website to avoid fraud. 

Let’s get started.

Website design prices in South Africa may vary because they come in different packages most of the time. The prices can start from 999 to 100,000 in most cases. I will break down the package structure below so you can see what works best for you.

Packages# PagesPricing
Basic Website1 – 5R10k – R 20k
Standard Website5 – 20R20k – R40k
Premium Website20+R40k – R100k
Ecommerce Website10+R20k +
Custom WebsiteCustom pagesCustom Price

The basic building blocks of your website

Every website is made up of five basic components. The table below is a rough guide to pricing. 

Website featureUpfront Cost
Domain nameR0 – R500
Web hostingR0 – R5,000+
ContentR0 – R15,000+
Website securityR0 – R3,000+
SEO and marketingR0 – R60,000+

Domain name

Choosing the correct domain name is very important as it is an important part of your company’s identity. 

Regarding the price, the cost of a domain name depends on the domain extension you choose (.com, .co.za, etc. are examples of domain extensions), but you can expect to pay the domain about R100 – R500 per year.

However, there are special offers that can reduce costs, and some domain expansions can cost much more than a year.

Web hosting

A website consists of several different computer files, all of which need to be stored somewhere, which is the web server.

A web server is basically a computer that is always connected to the Internet and runs 24/7. 

Now you can build your own web server for your website, but that would be too expensive for many companies. 

That’s why web hosting exists. Basically, web hosting is paying a company like Symaxx to host your website on your behalf. 

The cost of web hosting varies greatly. Currently, Symaxx doesn’t charge for hosting if you’re an SEO or client, but normally hosting would cost from R1,000 – R,5000 /year. 

There are special offers that can reduce your website setup costs as well. The price of web hosting varies greatly depending on the type of package offered and the package required depends on your business needs. 


The exact content you need depends on the nature of your business and the features your website requires. 

For a simple website, you can probably create all the content yourself. But for more complex websites, you may need to hire someone to make a copy of your website or make an image or video. 

Knowing what your website needs will help you choose the best option to find, so plan the content you need for your website before deciding what type of website you want to create. It is recommended.

Website security

You need to keep your website safe. You will almost certainly want to use  SSL certificates on your website and invest in additional website security software.

SEO and Marketing

When setting up your website, especially if you use a web designer, there may be some upfront costs associated with search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing.

If you wanna find out more about SEO and how it can help you improve your online visibility check out our SEO Services page.

Wrapping Up

Website design prices can vary and there are some that are very cheap, you will wonder if it’s the best price. Most of the time cheap website design is not the best because it can also hurt your online visibility.

You wanna make sure the website package you choose benefits you in the future. As you know “Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures” these desperate measures are not always the best and can ruin your business. Make the right choice.

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