Hpr Project Consulting Website review.

We believe a website is an investment for a company and should be used as a tool to reach a new and broad market. This could help by creating new company leads and increasing the customer base.

After fully auditing the website, we managed to identify some issues that have a really huge impact on the website performance. I will walk you through some of the issues that have a very high impact on the website’s performance.

We will be talking more about performance and optimization because here at Symaxx Digital we believe these two factors can lead to a very successful website. These factors can also increase your conversion rate thereby also increasing your sales.

Example: Symaxx Website score

The screenshot above shows the score of your website optimization and amount of people visiting your website on a monthly basis. This doesn’t look very good and needs improvement. Your on-page SEO Score should range around 90 – 100, this will help by increasing your ranking on google and also increasing the number of people visiting your website monthly (Organic Monthly Traffic).

The screenshot above shows the issues that were found on the website based on their impact and the difficulty. Most of these are really self-explanatory so we are going to look at one of the most important ones.

The first issue states that “1 issues with no sitemap.xml to optimize interaction with bots” this means that search engines like google and Bing wouldn’t know how to crawl your website so it can display the most relevant content to the users. 

By adding a sitemap you’re giving search engines like google and Bing a map of your website. Imagine having visitors in your home going through every room anytime without your permission, that would be ridiculous right. That’s how important the sitemap is search engine need to have limits as well.

The third issue states that “26 pages with duplicate <title> tags”, what’s this?

This means that It’s very important that each of your pages have original and unique title tags. Duplicate title tags can make it more complicated to rank content in search results because search engine crawlers won’t know which post to rank above the other. 

If you want to rank your pages without confusion or without having them compete with one another, creating unique and relevant title tags is incredibly important.

The 4th issue states that “1 pages with a long loading time

The load time of a website refers to the time that it takes for the entire site to render in your browser, displaying all parts of the page. 

Never has it been more important for your site’s load time to happen quickly. If you want your content to rank, it’s vital that your site loads quickly. The faster the better.

Just to summarize the rest of the issues. Your website content should be relevant and be easier to read even to a seventh grader all the titles and descriptions should match the content. 

These optimizations will improve the performance and make it easy for the search engines to understand and rank your website.

Here at Symaxx we provide a responsive web design that looks amazing on all different devices, we will also Optimize the site so it can be search engine friendly, making it easily available to potential customers when they search for your services on Online.

There is a lot more besides amazing website design, here at Symaxx we focus on result-driven work and we understand that you want to succeed online and be able to reach out to a wider client base. 

Let us take care of your website redesign and show you the amazing power of our strategies.

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