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We know that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to SEO. The team at Symaxx has unique expertise tailored to your business needs, industry, current SEO performance, and goals. We use our analysis to develop a customized SEO strategy for your business. Contact us today if you’re ready to start creating a personalized, revenue-boosting SEO strategy.


A flexible, low-risk solution for SEO growth – perfect for small businesses & start-ups.

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Modern, optimization strategies – all executed for a reasonable price.

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For companies ready for an advanced, wide-reaching & dominant approach to SEO.

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If you want the best we offer full-service SEO packages to achieve your goals.

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Value-Packed Cape Town SEO Services To Grow Your Brand.

Cape Town is home to many of the most important and most successful businesses in the nation, if not the world. 

As a business in Cape Town, you need to stand out. Our Cape Town SEO services can help you do just that.

At Symaxx, our team of experts, SEO go-getters, and all-around amazing people work hard for Cape Town’s modern companies. 

We use custom-tailored campaigns and relentless effort.

Our SEO specialists know how to serve your needs and transform your business into a lead magnet. 

No other Cape Town SEO company does it better.

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Why do you need an SEO Company in Cape Town?

It would help if you had SEO Agency because it can help you thrive as a business in Cape Town. This happens through increasing your visibility to potential clients on the search engines like Google and Bing.

When you search for food places near you, you are looking to find the best ones. The same applies to your business as potential clients try to find your products or services.

If you don’t appear anywhere close to the top of the search engine, you will probably not get any clicks.

If you’re not getting any clicks, it’s evident that someone else is, and that’s your competition.

That’s why it’s essential to have your website optimized so you don’t lose potential clients to your competition.

Symaxx takes the unknown out of SEO services with a transparent methodology that effectively improves your rankings. 

You’ll understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it every step of the way. 

Symaxx doesn’t have a “secret recipe” – we use real SEO experts to evaluate accurate results. 

We test best practices to earn first-page rankings and organic traffic for your business.

Our services include SEO, PPC, and  Website Design.

What is SEO in Cape Town?

Fundamentally, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about increasing your company’s online visibility through organic search results. 

When someone searches for your product or service in nearby areas in Cape Town on a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, these search engines must choose from among the millions of web pages available to best answer their user’s query.

SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages, or what you and I see when we conduct an internet search) display websites in the order that the search engine determines is most relevant to the user’s query. 

The higher your page or website’s rating in search results, the more relevant it seems. 

Is SEO important in Cape Town?

In a nutshell, yes. It would be best if you were in a position where your clients could find you as a business. Most companies are fighting for that; that’s why Cape town has the most SEO service searches in South Africa (over 1300 searches for Cape Town SEO monthly).

Your website has the potential to become your most valuable asset, attracting visitors, boosting the reputation of your business, and generating revenue around the clock, 365 days a year. 

But, unfortunately, if your website is not ranking, you might as well not have one at all.

In addition, ignoring the importance of website SEO in Cape Town and giving your competitors an advantage puts you at a considerable disadvantage. 

You’ll get results faster if you start implementing good SEO strategies right away.

The truth is that for any given search query, the top three results receive roughly all of the clicks. 

Few visitors scroll down the page and fewer go to page 2 or 3 of the SERPs. 

The higher your position, the more clicks you’ll receive, and the more likely to attract paying customers. 

Potential clients will never find you if you aren’t visible in the search results.

On the other hand, website SEO isn’t only about the search engines; it’s also about the people. Your rating will quickly decline if your website does not provide the user experience or information people seek. 

On the other hand, the better your website delivers on its promises, the higher you will rank in search results. Organic traffic is what we call it, and growing it should be the ultimate goal of every SEO company.

Should you invest in SEO in Cape Town? Here are eight reasons why.

8 Reasons why Cape Town Companies should invest in SEO

1. Your customers use search engines to find services and products online.

While social media accounts for a considerable part of website traffic, search engines are responsible for the great majority. 

As a consumer, it’s straightforward: when you have a question, you type it into a search engine. Your customers are in the same boat.

2. Website Traffic Is Boosted by SEO

Symaxx Digital’s SEO services will significantly boost your website’s number of high-quality visitors. 

This not only boosts your chances of making a sale but also allows you to collect an email address for your mailing list or raise brand recognition.

3. More sales are generated as a result of SEO.

The higher the quality of your website visitors, the more leads and, eventually, purchases you will generate. This makes sense when you’re getting traffic that’s actively looking for what you’re selling! 

You have a good chance of getting the transaction if your website is more informative, engaging, and user-friendly than your competitors’.

4. SEO Promotes Long-Term Results

When it comes to SEO in Cape Town, you can count on long-term results that benefit your company. 

Rather than quick fixes and shortcuts, our SEO agency focuses on long-term growth and development; we want results that last.

5. With SEO, your brand’s reputation will grow.

If you rank well in Google, customers will notice that you are a leader in your field. 

The ‘Halo Effect,’ or unpaid exposure in SERPs, is a vote of confidence from search engines that your brand is trustworthy – and that you know what you’re talking about!

6. Social Media & Paid advertising are outperformed by SEO.

Even if your competitors have a bigger advertising budget, buying clients is never a good long-term strategy. 

Never mind that there’s no guarantee that a visitor to a website who clicks on an advertisement will become a buyer. In the digital world, that’s money down the drain.

Using a well-optimized website to generate unpaid, organic traffic is a genuine investment that pays off in the long run.

SEO drives over 70% of website to business website compared to PPC and Social Media and its expected to keep growing.

7. SEO opens up new possibilities for Cape Town Businesses.

As new devices, smartphones, and gadgets hit the market, people have begun to hunt for information and products in new ways. Voice, mobile, and hyperlocal search are just a few examples. 

If you’re the first to adapt to current trends with our cutting-edge SEO services, you’ll leave your competitors in the dust.

8. SEO is inevitable.

In the same way that mobile phones revolutionized telecoms, your website SEO revolutionizes how you reach new clients for your services or goods.

 People are spending more and more time online seeking your products or services. 

If you don’t meet your clients where they spend most of their time, you’ll be driven out and become outdated, just like those old telephones.

What do our SEO strategies include?

Research and Strategy Keywords.

Our Cape Town SEO specialists experts use cutting-edge keyword research software. This allows us to gain a better understanding of your company. Following that, we create an SEO strategy for your campaigns that is industry-specific.

Technical SEO

Also known as on-page SEO, it deals with removing outdated SEO methods. And ensuring that Google bots can navigate the site without difficulty. 

The SEO solutions offered by Symaxx include site technical maintenance and repair to ensure that your website is SEO-friendly.

Our Cape Town SEO experts collaborate with the web development team to uncover backend faults and other technical issues that stop your website from ranking.

Content creation and marketing strategies

Keyword and competition research helps create high-quality content for all essential web pages. 

A solid content marketing plan helps create a successful SEO campaign. The content staff at Symaxx’s is devoted. 

They collaborate with our SEO managers to develop a targeted content marketing strategy for your website SEO initiatives. 

Professional writing services for social media, PPC ads, and web design content are also available.

Link building 

Outreach to websites to gain links for a client’s well-crafted content assets. Our Cape Town SEO  performs tactical link-building efforts to increase your rankings.

They do this after a thorough website audit and competitive keyword analysis. We increase organic traffic to your website and improve your search engine results. Our SEO experts adheres to the best techniques and ethical SEO guidelines to ensure success.

Mobile SEO

From speed to display to operation, mobile SEO ensures that mobile browsing experiences are of the highest quality.

Local Search

Allowing businesses to appear consistently across directory websites aids Google in determining how to promote clients in local SERPs. 

With the support of our local Cape Town SEO experts, you can increase your exposure and trustworthiness in the local community. 

Competitive market research, local citations, geo-targeted keyword optimization, and content marketing are all part of our regional SEO strategy.

On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ensure that Google knows the theme and topic of each web page automatically, from metadata to HTML cleanup. On-page optimization is included in our Cape Town SEO services. 

Our digital marketing professionals review your website’s metadata, title tags, and internal links, as well as your current SEO activities. 

We execute keyword optimization and web content changes to ensure that your website meets the most current SEO requirements.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is the process of maximizing the number of visitors who come to your site organically through social media or paid advertising.

Our in-depth audits and what they include.

1. Content

A marketing saying says that “Content is King.” I don’t disagree entirely because you can dominate your industry with relevant content on your website’s right pages.

Creating good quality content for your website has become more of a necessity. High-quality content educates and gives users a reason to buy your products or book your services.

We look at the number of pages that have been indexed on your website. The length and quality of each page’s content are essential for a good content strategy.

We also check if there is redundant information on-site or off-site to eliminate duplicate content, which may lead to penalization.

2. Increasing Keyword Reach

Keywords make it easy for search engines to understand the topic of your content.

Keywords are the terms used to search for different types of content, which can be “Good restaurants near me” or “How to move a couch.”

We look at the current number of keywords that the site ranks for to create more content related to the topic to make the website more authoritative.

3. Page loading speed

Page speed is one of the most important ranking factors, and making sure the website loads faster is very important.

Google introduced the Core Web Vitals early in 2021, which looks into your website speed and the structure of your website content to ensure users get the best experience.

By looking into this, we make sure your Core Web Vitals suffice Google’s needs for your website to rank well.

4. Local Search Engine Optimization.

Local search optimization makes it easy for potential clients close to your location easy to find you. 

So to increase your local visibility, we build citations for your business on local directories. 

Citations will help increase your domain authority showing Google that your business does what it says.

5. Backlinks

When other websites reference you (your website) on their website, it helps with increasing your domain authority. 

This shows that your website can be trusted, thereby increasing your ranking in the search engines.

We use our whitehat strategies to help you build links from high authority sites with 50+ DA (Domain Authority).

6. Metadata

The website’s metadata mainly impacts the way you choose your best search result. The better your metadata, the more clicks you are likely to get.

Your metadata improves how the search engines can show snippets on a specific page on your website. 

Metadata also makes your content very easy to understand before clicking on the page.

7. Mobile Optimization

Mobile devices have taken over the search world, making them the most dominant. 

Mobile search also brings voice search, making it easier to search online.

We make sure your website has been optimized for mobile users so you don’t miss out on potential clients. 

Relevant pages will also use AMP, which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. This means that all your mobile pages will be very fast to open.

8. Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

These Google tools help you understand user metrics, rankings, website errors, and how people behave on your website.

With these tools, you can produce the best results for all your campaigns because you will understand what works and what doesn’t

Making these tools available for the public was one of the best decisions Google has ever made.

With these Google tools, we can provide you with detailed reports that will show how your website is doing overtime.

These tools make it easy to understand if your optimization efforts are working or not. With all these at your disposal, you will most likely create winning strategies all the time.

9. Technical

Some technical issues may cause your website to load very slow, thereby ruining your users’ experience.

We make sure all the necessary pages have been compressed and make sure all the unused JS or CSS is removed to ensure all the pages can perform at their best.

One of the most critical technical issues that can impact your efforts negatively is error pages and redirects. We make sure all these are dealt with accordingly by removing or changing necessary ones.

Key factors to consider in a Cape Town SEO Campaign.

SEO strategies.

  1. Symaxx ensures that sitemaps are functioning correctly, are up to speed, have suitable markup, and are indexed and read correctly in Google Search Console.
  2. We develop a framework and navigation structure that allows Google bots (and people) to know where they are on a website at any given time.
  3. Identifying faults that a domain’s hosting server may have, ranging from speed concerns to CDN and compression technology recommendations.
  4. We make a website load as quickly as possible, including evaluating the amount of internal and external queries and measuring the time to first byte (TTFB).

On-Page SEO techniques that we employ.

  1. Creating a robust set of ‘white hat’ metadata components that are well-optimized (mainly title and description)
  2. Ensure that the correct terminology is used and that keyword placement is well considered.
  3. If long-form information is provided on a page, it must be relevant throughout, not simply at the start of the body content.
  4. Remove bloated HTML code, including inline styling and class names, to improve page load speed.
  5. Internal linking should be abundant and relevant across a site’s content rather than only in menu items.

Off-page SEO work that we do and recommend.

  1. We create valuable content assets in outreach campaigns while developing links on client sites.
  2. In addition to our content generation, we have a dedicated outreach team that works with publishers, bloggers, and website owners to gain links for our clients.
  3. Guest writing on relevant and valuable sites that will help direct traffic to our clients and pass credibility is a part of our outreach effort.
  4. Our digital PR work with news agencies, in particular, assists us in obtaining mentions and links for customers in newspapers and other publications.
  5. We use various social outreach methods to help us leverage the power of social media influencers to drive traffic to our customers’ websites.

How Symaxx SEO Company Works.

Choosing Symaxx Digital as your Cape Town SEO firm is painless and straightforward.

Step 1

Schedule a call with us to review your website SEO campaign’s needs and goals. 

To ensure that we are the best Cape Town SEO company for you, we will build and outline the ideal package.

Step 2

You will then receive an official SEO proposal that you must accept. If you accept our proposal, we’ll keep working with you and start the official onboarding process between you and our SEO team. 

You’ll be given an onboarding form so that our staff has as much information as possible to customize the SEO strategy to your exact requirements.

Step 3

After you submit your form, our SEO specialist will call you for an onboarding call to ensure that we understand your responses and ask any further questions. We get a little extra time to know you as a bonus.

Step 4

We’ll go over the video and form before launching your campaign. Our SEO experts will provide you with regular reports to keep you up to date on your campaign’s development. 

You’ll also be able to schedule a bi-weekly (or monthly, or whenever) call with your personal CRM to discuss any additional campaign questions.

For some of you who want an in-depth breakdown of the campaign, here it is:

SEO Campaigns – here’s what happens.

1. Research.

To design the most effective search engine optimization plan, we first conduct a 159-point SEO audit, manually checking each point. We’ll be identifying keywords and key phrases (together with search traffic). 

If you haven’t seen our SEO checklist already.

This includes link-building through Google Analytics data to thoroughly determine the present and potential search audience concurrently with this audit.

We will conduct a SymaxxGraph, which compares the existing site statistics (such as the number of links, the number of pages indexed, and domain authority) to the competition if we haven’t already done so at the proposal stage. 

Competitors in Google searches for the terms you want to rank for are usually divided into two categories: those who rank well in Google searches for the phrases you want to rank for and those who compete in other sales channels.

We check search engine results pages for numerous concepts, key phrases and auditing, keyword research, and competitive analysis to construct a clear industry overview.

Our research work will be similar whether you want us to run an SEO campaign in Capetown, Durban, or anywhere in South Africa (and thorough). 

If you conduct thorough on-site, off-site, and industry research, you’ll be able to build a solid foundation for SEO tactics to operate more effectively right away.

2. Technical Search engine optimization (SEO).

Technical SEO, or ‘on-site optimization,’ focuses on improving how Google navigates a website and how quickly it loads. 

It also checks how understandable each page is in and out of a site menu system context. 

This task is tedious, exhausting, and, to be honest, not much fun, but it is essential to the success of a website, especially if any errors are being repaired. 

A few HTML or metadata modifications on a page template can significantly impact how Google robots comprehend what a web page is all about. Your rankings and visitors will skyrocket when you multiply this by a few hundred pages.

Our SEO experts uses the information from our audit to guarantee that all online ranking variables are corrected. 

This includes broken links, mobile responsiveness, conversion tracking, and local SEO considerations, among other things.

3. Content Creation

Show us a website with well-written, long-form content on every page, and we’ll show you how to rank well in Google’s search results. 

Content and SEO are strongly intertwined – and to us, they are the same. When we advise adding “two thousand words to the homepage,” we’re frequently met with wide-open mouths. 

However, as clients become more confident in search marketing techniques adopt our recommendations, they rank for phrases that they never imagined would bring them business through search rankings. 

They are increasingly pressing us to add long-form content to service and product pages.

Content is beneficial in various ways, particularly in-depth content linked to multiple critical pages on the site, especially if the links are within paragraphs of text rather than merely menu options or a link above or under a section that describes it. 

If your site has well-written content that discusses various parts of your service or products, long-tail phrases are significantly more likely to find it. 

Pages with more content are also more likely to be shared or linked to social networking platforms.

4. Link Building and Earning

Even people who don’t know the best South African SEO companies have heard of link building and its generally negative connotations. 

The shortcuts that thousands of website owners and search engine optimization agencies used over many years have given link-building a poor name. 

Link spamming is still practiced today, but it is far less common than it previously was. 

As part of our digital PR strategy, we encourage website and blog owners to connect to a high-quality content’ asset’ on our client’s site.

We consider citations to be an essential component of a well-rounded link-building strategy. 

And we make sure that citation listings occur near the start of any SEO project unless they already exist. 

Consistency in “Name, Address, Phone” (NAP) and brand mentions are becoming increasingly essential ranking criteria for Google (and other search engines like Bing and DuckDuckGo), so getting this portion of link building correct is critical.

5. Workflow, consistency, and transparency.

We’ve developed excellent on-page SEO tactics, we adore writing plenty of content, and we understand the value of inbound links. 

But we believe our workflow management and operations set us apart from other South African digital marketing agencies.

We manage customer accounts with excellent precision, thanks to a combination of our operations management and our workflow software.  

Whether it’s establishing citations, developing an outreach strategy, preparing for an off-page SEO audit, reporting on a recent increase in Google rankings, or earning a new link, we track everything and keep track of how long it takes. 

Clients can see how much time we’ve spent on their account down to the minute.

This greatly simplifies our customer services, allowing us to devote more time to meaningful digital activity. 

A delighted client is well-informed. A content client is well-informed, satisfied, and has increased visitor numbers.

6. Reporting.

Due to the previous workflow management system and techniques to run our digital business, monthly SEO reports are reviewed much less often at Symaxx.

Our monthly reports are primarily graphics and spend minimal time on sophisticated SEO vocabulary – or, for that matter, social media or PPC jargon.

We value clarity and have never felt the need to over-complicate or inflate our words as a company. 

Clients are well aware of this. Nothing makes us happier than knowing which aspects of our work have resulted in higher client rankings, visitors, and inquiries/sales.

Thanks to our close relationships with clients, all actions logged in the workflow system, and relevant monthly reports sent to them.

Why Choose To Work With Symaxx?

Well, our customers speak for themselves. Check out our Google reviews.

Symaxx is well-known for providing excellent SEO services in Cape Town that propel your website to the top of Google’s search results pages. 

Our Cape Town SEO Firm uses tried-and-true SEO strategies and procedures to help your website rank higher on Google. 

Symaxx Digital professional SEO staff will assist you in understanding how SEO management services, such as core web vitals score, content, and page experience aspects, will help you increase your online visibility. 

SEO experts work hard to stay updated on the latest SEO developments. As a result, you’ll be able to get great results and get more qualified leads for your website. 

At Symaxx, we provide high-quality SEO services in Cape Town to help your company thrive. Do you want your business to have:

  • High-Ranks,
  • User-Friendly Content
  • And Better Conversions for your Business? 

Our flexible SEO services aim to establish a strong foundation for your online success, with a variety of options for reaching your target customers/audience.

You can do a little experiment right now. Go to your phone and Google search your product or service and area to see if you come on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Example “Dog walkers in Cape Town.” 

How did your business come up? If you were not on the first page, you need SEO to improve your brand visibility. That’s why you need us!


We love our Cape Town customers.

Cape Town is the south coast’s center of everything. 

Sure, Jo-burg and Durban have their highlights, but Cape Town is where culture, finance, and tech all meet together to make magic happen. 

In such a mighty city, it takes a lot of work to stand out. 

Here’s where Symaxx helps. Our custom, high-return SEO campaigns use all of the top strategies to make sure you’re seen. 

As the top Cape Town SEO consultant, we take pride in helping our hometown neighbors succeed. 

We make sure you achieve and exceed your revenue goals and obtain sustainable growth over time.

Stick around long enough, and you’ll find Cape Town SEO “experts” who are ready to apply quick and dirty (and even black-hat or nefarious) strategies to try to make something happen. 

We’ve been doing SEO campaigns long enough to know what works and what doesn’t. 

And nothing we do will ever harm your business. 

You’ll have our guarantee along with complete transparency to keep you safe.

Cape Town SEO Pricing

Most of the time when you’re searching for SEO pricing you’re most likely looking for the most affordable prices. The pricing list I have today won’t be based on affordability but it will be based on effectiveness. These packages will help you increase your brand visibility and help you stay ahead of your competition. 


Number of Keywords



Up to 15 keywords

R15,000 /month


Up to 30 keywords

R25,000 /month


Up to 40 keywords

R35,000 /month


Up to 60 keywords

R45,000 /month

All SEO plans include the following features

  • In-depth Site Analysis
  • Content Duplicacy Check
  • Initial Backlinks analysis
  • Mobile Usability Check
  • Competition Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Title & Meta Tags Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Blog Writing
  • Informational Content Writing
  • Unique Social Media Posting
  • Local Citation Building
  • Regular Reporting
  • Press Release
  • Backlinks Buildout
  • Business Citations Strategy
  • GEO Grid Reports and Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Website Chat Widget
  • Site Speed Optimization

The Top 10 SEO Companies Cape Town

  1. Symaxx Digital
  2. Brandseed SEO
  3. Ruby Digital
  4. The Agency
  5. BetterSEO
  6. SEO Pros
  7. Rank Glider
  8. SEO Studio
  9. Magoven
  10. WebSEO
Symaxx Digital Agency Logo

About Symaxx Digital

We have served hundreds of clients in 7 years, and we are still growing every day, making a new business successful both online and offline.


Premium SEO Plans

Find the best plan for you


A flexible, low-risk solution for SEO growth – perfect for small businesses & start-ups.

Starting at




Modern, optimization strategies – all executed for a reasonable price.

Starting at




For companies ready for an advanced, wide-reaching & dominant approach to SEO.

Starting at




If you want the best we offer full-service SEO packages to achieve your goals.

Starting at



We’re fortunate to be well-positioned in the field of web marketing, with solid customer referrals coming in regularly. 

Word-of-mouth recommendations from our clients have solidified our position as the go-to SEO company in Cape Town.

Most effective SEO pricing packages start from R15,000 to R100,000 per month.


Number of Keywords



Up to 15 keywords

R15,000 pm


Up to 30 keywords

R25,000 pm


Up to 40 keywords

R35,000 pm


Up to 60 keywords

R45,000 pm

We work with and are trusted by a wide range of companies, including SMEs and global brands. 

We do reputation management for well-established, financially sound, and historically secure enterprises and search engine optimization for SMEs – and vice versa. 

While many in the industry over-promise and under-deliver, our open, clear focus is on providing content that earns links. 

Along with well-thought-out technical search strategies, we assure you that our methods work regardless of your company’s size.

Irrespective of the size of the customer, our team is full of creative thinkers and innovators, which leads to a lot of brilliance. 

The tedious, complex duties, as well as imaginative ideas and leaps of faith, are what keep an internet campaign growing for any size of customer. 

The amount of time each client pays for determines the difference in their service, not the quality.

Our customer relationships depend on our monitoring and reporting: the goals we set and the statistics and milestones we report. 

As a result, Symaxx has established itself as a leading Cape Town SEO service firm, but one that is rather severe and demanding, especially when it comes to online content and the use of ethical search marketing tactics.

That question has a straightforward response. How important is it for your company to succeed? 

If you can’t be found readily online in the twenty-first century, no matter what niche you operate in – even if your actual business has very little to do with the Internet – you might as well not exist at all.

Of course, you could pay for PPC advertisements, but they are pricey and only serve to bring a few more users to your site. 

Because SEO isn’t just about appealing to search bots, it’s SEO that keeps them there and keeps them coming back. 

Google ranks websites based on how user-friendly they are; thus, everything an SEO consultant does for you assists your website in better serving its human visitors.

Paying for SEO is a wise investment. And we don’t say that just as an SEO business selling its services; we express it as a collection of people who can demonstrate the real ROI SEO provides to a wide range of clients daily.

Social media can help with SEO, but it’s probably only indirect. Website pages that perform well on social media are more likely to get organic backlinks, which can lead to higher rankings for those pages. One factor that is often overlooked is participation. A high level of social traffic engagement for a particular page can positively affect ranking as Google interprets that page as valuable to its users.

It entirely depends on several variables, including the industry you are in and the level of competition for your target phrase. As a benchmark, you should expect to see some progress by the third month of the campaign and start seeing sustainable results around six months.

One of the most significant rewards of increasing the number of links to your site is Google’s trust. By getting or obtaining links from relevant and authoritative websites, Google confirms other sites’ trust in your site and begins to trust the site itself.

The result of this is that Google ranks your site higher for various key phrases in search engines. This usually leads to more traffic.
It seems simple, but getting links has become more complex over time. Website owners are increasingly reluctant to link for various reasons (most of them without thinking). And Google likes everything hard to do. In terms of SEO elements. The more complex the job, the more Google pays attention to the algorithm.

Yes, placing your site on secure servers (short for HTTPS) is Google’s sign that users of your site can trust you. Most websites can get a free SSL certificate and are very easy to implement. This will be one of my first ports when looking at a new site from an SEO point of view.

The first step is to stop writing content for search engines and start writing engaging content for your target audience. Take some time and look into the flourishing competition. How have they structured their content?

It should include references to critical topics and semantic phrases related to those topics. For example, if you are writing about car maintenance, it should consist of words like engine, oil, overhaul, etc.

Our Services

Symaxx is a progressive and insightful digital agency, technically and creatively skilled to translate your brand into its best digital self.

SEO Services

We focus on growing your visibility and ranking in organic (non-paid) search engine results. 

Website Design

We create beautiful websites that will keep your clients engaged and coming back to you.

PPC Advertising

We create the best concepts and campaigns to make your brand succeed online.

Other Services

Logo Design

Every business needs a Logo to improve its brand Identity. Find out how you can get your logo in a few steps.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the process of making your website accessible online through computer storage that is online 24/7.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Find out how you can start growing by driving relevant traffic to your website through pay per click advertising.

Training and Maintenance

Regular website updates can be quite tiresome. Just leave the work to the professional why you run your business.

WordPress Plugins

A plug-in is a piece of software that acts as an add-on to a website and provides additional functionality.

Website Chat Integration.

Live chat allows companies to communicate with customers in real-time. Find out how you can get started.

Website Security

Security is very important for all websites. Find out how you can implement the best practices for securing your website


A domain is the human-readable name of your website. Find out how to choose the best domain for your business.

Website Design

We create beautiful websites that will keep your clients engaged and coming back to you.

What Our Clients Say

crested crane
crested crane
09:03 21 Aug 22
It Works - we had tried SEO services before with another provider and we where not happy with the results. We decided to give it another go with Symaxx Digital in Pretoria and we couldn't be happier because we stared getting more calls in just under a month. I recommend Symaxx Digital SEO services and website design to anyone because they are value-packed and they work all the time.
Bryan Phantsi
Bryan Phantsi
13:11 14 Apr 22
I had to submit some documents to CIPC and as part of the process was a need for a website. I'm not sure how these guys work but they delivered a great looking website design in 24 hours.The price isquite competitive but worth it.
Short Elf
Short Elf
15:32 03 Apr 22
I had a bad experience before with alot of unprofessional web designers in Rustenburg. A friend of mine told me about these guys from Symaxx Digital in Pretoria, I was skeptical at first but boy was I surprised. They are professional in the work they do and they walk you through everything every step of the way.They also offered to do SEO as a bonus and 6 months later I have so many people coming to my website.I will highly recommend these guys to anyone. Thank you Symaxx
ice cube
ice cube
15:24 03 Apr 22
I was on the hunt for professional website designers In Pretoria and when I searched online Symaxx Digital came at the top with amazing reviews, I didn't even think twice. I was assisted by Symaxx Digital on my website design project that I been holding off for a very long time. They took everything into their hands, hosted my website and created professional emails.I really appreciate the work they did 😃. I would recommend them to anyone who appreciate high quality services.
Joel Habtemariam
Joel Habtemariam
14:49 03 Apr 22
I'm not all techie but you guys exceeded my expectations and I really appreciate that, thank you Symaxx.You guys treated me well and I recommend you to anyone...
Shelin Dube
Shelin Dube
11:04 05 Mar 22
11:10 25 Feb 22
Very responsive support during website design. We have found Symaxx Digital very helpful and efficient - excellent value for money. We have received many compliments about how nice our website looks. High revenues and growth in our client base, all thanks to their amazing SEO services. Highly recommend✊🏾
Michael Ncube
Michael Ncube
09:13 25 Feb 22
Exceptional work.. exceeded my expectations..
Ntokozo Ngulube
Ntokozo Ngulube
08:51 25 Feb 22
Great service, keep up the good work will engage you in my future projects.
Jay Sibanda (Jay_onehunnit)
Jay Sibanda (Jay_onehunnit)
07:54 25 Feb 22
I worked with Bukhosi from Symaxx about a month ago to create my website, I really had a great time working with him, I would recommend this company to anyone they are really professional and quick to respond.
Langelihle Ncube
Langelihle Ncube
08:27 24 Feb 22
Symaxx digital is one of the best Website Design and SEO Service providers. They are efficient and prompt! At the same time producing quality work. Their services are definitely worth it !!!!
Ashley Sibanda
Ashley Sibanda
08:02 24 Feb 22
This website shows quality work and dedication
Nyckie Johan
Nyckie Johan
07:39 24 Feb 22
This is definitely has to be the go to place for digital services.
Kimani Wachira
Kimani Wachira
03:44 23 Feb 22
Spot on web design w/ modern, fast and innovative templates for all types of businesses. You should also consider hire Symaxx Digital for SEO purposes. They are the bests.
Francielle Quinteiro
Francielle Quinteiro
12:52 22 Feb 22
If you want SEO done right, these are the guys to do it
willard shoko
willard shoko
08:58 22 Feb 22
I can recommend any1 to them without hesitation to deliver be it website design.. they know how to make the clients needs and produce the dream the client wants …
Kevin M
Kevin M
07:01 22 Feb 22
These guys are the best, they helped me alot.I needed a logo as soon as possible, and these guys were able to do, a work of master piece and got me an amazing logo in Just under an hour.I would recommend these guys to anyone who appreciate quality work and great customer service😁.
Sthae Yoxolo
Sthae Yoxolo
06:03 22 Feb 22
I was looking for SEO services that work and the way they helped was amazing really appreciate the help 😌
Luigi Cleffi
Luigi Cleffi
00:14 22 Feb 22
I was very skeptical when it comes to working with an international website design company but I honestly don't regret my decision. These young man are very talented and quick to deliver. ( D Time General of Our time )I would really recommend them to anyone who wants to do serious business and A trial will Convince u For life.Thank you Symaxx for been the Best
Andrew Tola
Andrew Tola
00:09 22 Feb 22
I just tried out their SEO services and Web Design. I'd honestly say it looks good already, can't wait to start seeing results. Thumbs up to the support as well, it's outstanding
Malwande Moyo
Malwande Moyo
22:54 21 Feb 22
These guys have the best digital marketing. They helped me grow my business and i would really recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their business. Great customer service 👏
Simiso Khumalo
Simiso Khumalo
20:47 12 Feb 22
These guys are professional SEO and web design experts. You cant go wrong.
Tux Systems
Tux Systems
20:39 12 Feb 22
Symaxx Digital offers the best SEO services and digital design and I would recommend them to anyone.
Brian Murdoch
Brian Murdoch
20:27 12 Feb 22
Thank you for your work. My website is fully functional now because of the amazing work you have done for me. I am currently ranking at the tip in google search because of the amazing work you have done for me.I definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a professional website with fully functional SEO.
Phillip Sinothi
Phillip Sinothi
20:18 12 Feb 22
I’m happy with the customer service here, these guys are young and very talented. I’m really happy with the Web design and SEO services.I recommend them to anyone who is trying to grow their business
Mpume Moyo
Mpume Moyo
18:55 12 Feb 22
Someone told me about SEO services and when I searched online I found Symaxx, I love the customer service because it's amazing and they are really great at understanding your problems and finding ways to fix them.I still waiting to see results and I will update my review after that...
Masindi Sambo
Masindi Sambo
18:51 12 Feb 22
I waited sometime to post this because I wanted to see results first. I already feel ashamed because I think I'm getting more value than what I paid. Don't take may word, try it yourselfSymaxx has the best website design and SEO services
Phumzile Phantsi
Phumzile Phantsi
18:47 12 Feb 22
I needed a school project done and I had no Idea where to start. The guys from Symaxx created the most amazing website design and SEO services to make my project public.
Lesedi Pholohane
Lesedi Pholohane
18:37 12 Feb 22
Symaxx Digital is the best. Professionalism, punctuality, creativity, communication skills, ooh I'm out of words. Thank you so much for working with us.
Phindile Ngandu
Phindile Ngandu
17:58 25 Nov 21
suite style designs
suite style designs
14:21 25 Nov 21
Ivy Dube
Ivy Dube
00:45 01 Jun 21
Symaxx Digital has helped me to move my business to the online world ... they are very professional and the guys were very patient in the process
Matiasi Ezra
Matiasi Ezra
11:25 19 Sep 20
I loved working with Symaxx. Their professionalism is on another level. They did exactly what I wanted them to do and they were very patient and at the end I found myself with an amazing e-commerce site. They said my e commerce site will be ready in 3 days and in 3 days, they were done. Besides doing exactly what I had asked them to do, they even suggested more items that will make my website appear professional and exciting to users. I would recommend Symaxx any day, any time! ❤️
Similo Moyo
Similo Moyo
14:41 17 Sep 20
Symaxx is a team of authentic young men - very techy and highly smart. They do great work, have worked with them and they are on point. I would recommend them to anyone.
Frederick Dandure
Frederick Dandure
16:33 27 Dec 19
Amazing staff,really professional, efficient and attentive.
khanyile ndlovu
khanyile ndlovu
18:49 21 Dec 19
Great website
Mzie Ndebele
Mzie Ndebele
04:39 18 Dec 19
Great support
Nigel Ndebele
Nigel Ndebele
04:18 18 Dec 19
Great website 💯also love the graphic designing
Shane Young
Shane Young
03:39 18 Dec 19
Great support from this team and really great website designs, just don't take my word for it try it your self..
22:17 17 Dec 19
Great website designers and support. Worked with them in a couple of my projects and all my clients love their website. Will definetely be working with you on more projects..😊😊😊. Happy customer
thembelihle moyo
thembelihle moyo
22:14 17 Dec 19
After a week of looking for the right designer for our website we finally landed here. Personally I don't regret even though it took longer than I expected, We are now getting more than 15k new visitors a week and keeps on growing Im really excited I would really recommend this anyone or any company the guys do a great job.
D. Machikicho
D. Machikicho
18:30 22 Nov 19

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