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In a nutshell, SEO is making your website as appealing to Google and other search engines, as they aim to send their users the best possible content. Over the years, people have tried to make SEO sound more complicated.

If you build a website and create content with users first in mind, you will not go wrong.

It’s essential to create valuable content that answers users’ intent; this will help you rank well in organic listings.

How Much Does SEO Services Cost in South Africa? – Hourly rates in South Africa range from R700 to R1500 / $45 USD to $100 USD on average. For a monthly SEO Services package, the price can range from R15,000 to R60,000 / $1,000 USD to $4,000 USD per month. Nevertheless, costing estimates can help you draw up a budget for your SEO costs.

We are lucky to be well-positioned in the web marketing field, with excellent customer recommendations coming in on a regular basis. 

Our standing as the go-to SEO Services agency in South Africa has been cemented by word-of-mouth recommendations from our clients.

MAINTENANCE – from R14,999 / $1,000 per month.

MID COMPETITION – from R24,999 / $1,600 per month.

HIGH COMPETITION – from R34,999 / $2,250 per month.

AGGRESSIVE – from R44,999 / $3000 per month.

LOCAL DOMINATION – from R50,000 / $3,200 per month.

Our SEO packages are built around the most successful online marketing technique we’ve used for the past 7 years, expanding the reach of our client’s brands by employing tried-and-true formulae that we adjust when Google’s algorithm changes.

We transform your website into the ultimate salesperson, bringing in genuine leads and sales to your company on a regular basis. 

We have a team of creative and technical SEO professionals on staff to handle all of your online marketing needs, from improving your Google rankings and developing effective social media strategies. 

To provide you with premium creative web design and conversion optimization, as well as other unique ideas to help you build a buzz around your brand.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” if you put it together, SEO Marketing is the practice of increasing the quality of your website’s content, thereby increasing the website traffic. SEO marketing can also grow the exposure of your brand through non-paid searches (also known as “organic results”)

We work with and are trusted by a wide range of companies, including SMEs and global brands. For well-established, financially sound, and historically secure corporations, we do reputation management, and for SMEs, we do search engine optimization – and vice versa. 

While many in the business over-promise and under-deliver, our open, clear focus on creating content that earns links, along with well-thought-out technical search techniques, ensures that our approaches work regardless of the size of your organization.

Our team is full of creative thinkers and innovators, which leads to a lot of brilliance, regardless of the size of the client. The tedious, complex tasks, along with innovative ideas and leaps of faith, are what sustain the growth of an internet campaign for any size of client 

The difference in service to our clients, big or small, is dependent on the quantity of time each client pays for, not on quality.

Monitoring and reporting on the progress of the goals we set and the statistics and milestones we report on are critical to all of our client relationships. 

As a result, Symaxx has established itself as a prominent South African SEO Services agency. However, it is pretty strict and demanding, particularly when it comes to web content and ethical search marketing strategies.

Having SEO for your Business makes it easier for potential clients to find you when searching for your services or products.

SEO increases your business visibility in search engines. This is good because SEO is unlike paid advertising, where you have to keep spending more money bidding for the top spot. SEO increases business credibility because it shows that you have quality content.

Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee specific results for any particular keywords. We’ll select keywords we think are ideal for your website and your business and try to influence the search engines so that your content comes up in the searches. Make sure to stay away from anyone who will guarantee you results unless it’s Google.

It’s great fun to be #1, but you don’t have to be first to get more traffic and more customers.

SEO is more like a race, and the one that exercises the best practices and follows the rules always win. So how often should you do good practices and follow the rules?

You always have to keep improving the quality of your content to make sure you stay ahead of your competitors.

Yes, all the time. We only use Google-approved and recommended tactics. We believe in creating quality content and making sure we engage with users personally and professionally.

There are so many advantages that come with using White hat tactics, and doing otherwise is against our company policy.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, especially if your site is new.  You want to make sure everything is thought through and planned.

So much depends on your overall site’s health and content, your site’s online competition, and your willingness to produce new, quality content regularly.

We sometimes see results the first month and sometimes have to wait several months before seeing progress.

One of the most significant rewards in gaining an increased number of links pointing to your site is gaining Google’s trust.

By earning/getting links from relevant and high in authority websites, Google will see the trust other sites have given to your site and will start to trust it themselves.

The ultimate result is Google ranking your site higher for various keyword phrases in its search engine, usually resulting in higher traffic.

In a word, yes. Backlinks are a tremendous & essential ranking factor for Google, but they aren’t the only thing.

We can help you get started on finding backlink opportunities, but the only for sure way to get backlinks is when your website has content that people want to link to.

We can optimize your website to let the search engines like Google and Bing know what your pages are about, but if you aren’t adding new, quality content regularly, your site probably won’t skyrocket in the rankings.

Adding new, quality content consistently is one of the fastest ways to drive new traffic to your website.

As SEO’s, we want as much data as we can get from the sites we work on – from organic traffic to returning users – to help us mold our subsequent campaigns to improve rankings.

One of the main reasons we use Google Analytics (GA) is to ensure that we work through iterative reports over time.

They can be, but only when optimized correctly. The potential issue with landing pages is that they tend to be very similar and very thin on content, so they do not provide the most incredible experience in the sense of a query search.

It can be tricky to get landing pages right for SEO, but they’re no less helpful than a standard page on the website when they are right.

Image optimization is a tale of two halves; the first is focused on ensuring the image is compressed as much as possible without losing quality.

This allows the image file size to decrease and, therefore, load quickly. You should also make sure that you’re serving images that are scaled correctly.

The second half ensures that images have appropriate file names and alt text. For example, a picture with a file name of ‘IMAGE1.PNG’ and an alt text of ‘IMAGE1’ isn’t helpful for search engines or.’ people using accessibility software.

The filename and alt text should accurately describe the contents of the image – for example, ‘red-car.png’ and ‘red car on the road’.

Simply, yes. Having your site on a secure server (which is what HTTPS signifies) is a sign to Google that users on the site can trust you.

Most websites can obtain a free SSL certificate, and it’s pretty easy to implement. This would be one of my first port-of-call when looking at a new site from an SEO perspective.

Digital marketing is working together more than ever before. A well-rounded strategy that includes different channels – including SEO and social media – is the key to creating the most outstanding online visibility.

While some industries will suit one digital marketing discipline or the other more, it primarily comes down to where your audience is looking for your services.

When applying social media marketing, Paid options also mean that if you’re looking for a quick short-term return, this could be the better option – again, depending on your product or service.

The first step is to stop writing content for search engines and start writing content that will engage well with your target audience.

Look into the successful competition –  how have they structured their content? Be sure to include mentions of crucial subject matters, as well as semantic phrases which are associated with the subject.

For example, if you were writing about servicing a car, you should look t include words including engine, oil, checks, etc.,

A URL that a user would be able to work out what the page is about from viewing the URL alone.

This isn’t strictly a ranking factor, but it will improve the likelihood of people remembering it, obtaining backlinks, and sharing the URL on social media.

The main difference between SEO and PPC is that traffic coming from search engine optimization work – and therefore appearing ‘organically’ in Google rankings – is free, with traffic coming from pay per click (PPC) being paid for.

Adwords (the ‘PPC’ advertisements listed on Google search pages) are almost certainly always shown before organic listings in search engine results pages (SERPs) because paid search ads are how Google makes much of its revenue.

Improving search engine optimization features on your site can result in search traffic that costs nothing to receive. SEO is perhaps the primary way to acquire web visitors if you have no budget for paid search.

If you use PPC, put, you effectively bid against other advertisers to appear in various positions – and in multiple frequencies – above organic Google listings when users type in searches and receive results pages.

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