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New – The 5 best SEO Services Companies in Pretoria 2022

New – The 5 best SEO Services Companies in Pretoria 2022

The five best SEO Services Companies in Pretoria 2022 are:

  • Symaxx Digital
  • Better SEO
  • SEOPros
  • Starbright Solutions
  • Digital Zoo (Pty) Ltd

Symaxx Digital

Symaxx digital home page section

Symaxx Digital offers the best SEO services in Pretoria. I know you have tried looking for SEO service companies near you but can’t seem to find one.

Well, it’s your lucky day! Symaxx Digital has made life easy for you. Symaxx Digital will help your company succeed and top the search engine result pages list.

You will surely notice increased visibility in search results on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

“Symaxx is an award-winning digital agency specializing in bespoke SEO services, website design & Marketing.

Our mission is to cultivate responsive digital experiences that excite and inspire.

We work through a bespoke process from the start to the end of your project, ensuring 100% satisfaction.”

Open 24 hours, Online Appointments. Onsite services are not available.

List of Services

  • SEO services and free Website audits – Focusing on growing your visibility and ranking in organic (non-paid) search engine results.
  • Website design – We create beautiful websites that will keep your clients engaged and coming back to you.
  • PPC Advertising – We create the best concepts and campaigns to make your brand succeed online.
  • Social Media Marketing – We can help you increase your reach by communicating your products and services through social media platforms.
  • eCommerce Website – We build woo-commerce-powered websites that will turn your users into customers.
  • Branding – We create powerful brands that set the stage for your marketing initiatives for today and tomorrow.
  • Support and Hosting – Your digital experience should be fast, functional, and always running 24/7. We Ensure full uptime and scalability.

SEO services start from ZAR6,999.00.

They will deliver marketing strategies to grow your visibility and rank in organic (non-paid) search engine results.

Other locations we serve include Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban.

Business Hours :

Always open 24/7

Symaxx Digital Contact Details:

Website: www.symaxx.com

Phone: +27 68 580 6084

E-mail: hello@symaxx.com

Starbright Solutions

StarBright homepage section

Starbright solutions offer SEO services in Pretoria. They mainly serve Pretoria west and other nearby areas. They will grow your business using several technical aspects to ensure your website’s visibility.

We can help you grow your business. To achieve this, we look at several technical aspects that ensure your website is visible to search engines.

We don’t use shortcuts or black-hat techniques that damage your business in the long run but focus on best practices that will systematically build your brand.

List of services

  • Graphic design.
  • Website design and development.
  • SEO Services.
  • Google AdWords Management.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • UX Audit.
  • Lead management
  • Social media in-house training.
  • IT Support.
  • Social media online courses.

Starbright Contact Details:

Website: starbright.co.za

Phone: 012 004 0080

E-mail: info@starbright.co.za

Better SEO.

The first step of any customer’s relationship with a business is typing in a query on Google or any other search engine. The customer usually picks the first three websites on the first page. 

Zero additional costs come with the SEO process. Our SEO Company sets down a strategy encompassing linking, writing, and other factors. By doing this, we can enhance the visibility of your website.

This is because our strategy works with the algorithm on Google to place your website on the first search page.

BetterSEO aims to help you accomplish just that by increasing the organic traffic flow on your website.

List of Services

  •  Website design and development
  • Digital & online marketing
  •  SEO Services
  • Social media optimization
  • Advertising intelligence
  • Domain Registration

Better SEO Contact Details:

Website: betterseo.co.za

Phone: 011 020 0895

Email: info@betterseo.co.za

SEO pros.

SEO Pros Homepage section

“SEOPros is one of the leading digital marketing and 🥇🥇🥇 SEO companies in South Africa. Unrivalled KPI-driven results are growing businesses by 174% on average.”

The list of services includes:

  • Organic SEO management;
  • Google AdWords management;
  • Social media management;
  • Web design;
  • Brand strategy;
  • Auto-lead generation;
  • Content writing;
  • PR strategy; and
  • Video production.

SEO pros Contact Details:

Website: seopros.co.za

Phone: +27 12 943 4885

Email: marketing@seopros.co.za

Digital Zoo (Pty) Ltd

Digital Zoo will manage your Website Design, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, and Digital Marketing so that you can focus on growing your business.

Keeping your website design up to date with the latest trends is challenging.

Not only that, but your digital marketing efforts also are not going the way you want them to, and you don’t have any new leads to follow up and sell to.

That is a lot – especially on top of everything else you are managing. At Digital Zoo, we know how easy it is to let your website fall by the wayside.

If you don’t have the time to tend to your website design and digital marketing doesn’t mean it needs to be neglected.

List of Services

  •  Website design and development
  • Digital & online marketing
  •  SEO Services
  • Social media optimization
  • Advertising intelligence
  • Domain Registration

Website design features

  • Fully managed website design and hosting
  • Analytic  reporting
  • SEO friendly
  • Hosted email
  • Security updates
  • Fast loading speed

Business hours

Monday to Friday – 8:00 to 17:00

Saturday & Sunday –CLOSED

Public Holidays –CLOSED

Digital Zoo Contact Details:

Website: digitalzoo.com

Phone: +27 12 743 6555

Email: support@digitalzoo.com

What is SEO?

SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of improving the quality of website traffic to a website or a web page.

SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

Are you wondering where unpaid traffic originates from? Well, unpaid traffic originates from searches like image searches, video searches, academic searches, and more!

So, in simpler terms, SEO attracts more traffic (viewer/ visitors) to your page.

Search Engine Optimization & Search Engine Market

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to techniques that help your website rank higher. 

Inorganic (or “natural”) search results, thus making your website more visible to people looking for your product or service via search engines.

SEO is part of the broader topic of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), a term used to describe all marketing strategies for search.

SEM entails both organic and paid searches. With paid search, you can pay to list your website on a search engine so that your website shows up when someone types in a specific keyword or phrase.

Organic and paid listing

Organic and paid listings both appear on the search engine, but they are displayed in different locations on the page. 

So, why is it essential for your business’ website to be listed on search engines? On Google alone, there are over 694,000 searches conducted every second.

Now think about that. Every second that your website is not indexed on Google, you are potentially missing out on hundreds, if not thousands, of opportunities for someone to visit your website, read your content, and potentially buy your product or service.

Practising SEO basics and more advanced techniques after those can drastically improve your website’s ability to rank in the search engines and get found by your potential customers.

 Can I have paid searches?

What about paid search? Yes, you can pay to have your website listed on the search engines. 

However, running paid search campaigns can be pretty costly if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Not to mention, about 88% of search engine users never click on paid search ads anyway.

Because the sole purpose of a search engine is to provide you with relevant and valuable information, it is in everyone’s best interest (for the search engine, the searcher, and you) to ensure that your website is listed in the organic search listings. 

It is probably best to stay away from paid search altogether until you feel you have a firm grasp on SEO and what it takes to rank organically.

How do Search engines work?

I am sure at this point you are wondering how search engines work; well, continue reading for more!

Search engines have one objective – to provide you with the most relevant results possible about your search query. 

If the search engine successfully provides you with information that meets your needs, then you are a happy searcher.

 And happy searchers are more likely to return to the same search engine time and time again because they are getting the results they need. 

For a search engine to be able to display results when a user types in a query, they need to have an archive of available information to choose from.

How Search Engines gather Website content  

They use indexing. Every search engine has proprietary methods for gathering and prioritizing website content.

Regardless of the specific tactics or methods used, this process is called indexing. 

Search engines attempt to scan the entire online universe and index all the information so they can show it to you when you enter a search query.

How does Optimization work?

Optimization, how do they do it? 

Every search engine has what are referred to as bots, or crawlers, that constantly scan the web, indexing websites for content and following links on each webpage to other webpages. 

If your website has not been indexed, your website can’t appear in the search results.

Unless you are running a shady online business or trying to cheat your way to the top of the search engine results page (SERP), chances are your website has already been indexed.

So, significant search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are constantly indexing hundreds of millions, if not billions, of web pages. 

How do they know what to show on the SERP when entering a search query? Search engines consider two main areas when determining what your website is about and how to prioritize it.

Important areas

1. Content on your website: When indexing pages, the search engine bots scan each page of your website, looking for clues about what topics your website covers and reviewing your website’s back-end code for specific tags, descriptions, and instructions.

2. Who is linking to you: As search engine bots scan webpages for indexing, they also look for links from other websites.

The more inbound links a website has, the more its influence or authority. Essentially, every inbound link counts as a vote for that website’s content. Also, each inbound link holds a different weight.

What gives websites bigger boosts?

For instance, a link from a highly authoritative website like The New York Times (nytimes.com) will give a website a more significant boost than a link from a small blog site. 

This boost is sometimes referred to as link juice. When a search query is entered, the search engine looks in its index for the most relevant information and displays the results on the SERP.

The results are then listed in order of most relevant and authoritative. If you conduct the exact search on different search engines, chances are you will see different effects on the SERP. 

Each search engine uses a proprietary algorithm that considers multiple factors to determine what results to show in the SERP when a search query is entered.

Factors affecting Search engines

A few factors that a search engine algorithm may consider when deciding what information to show in the SERP include:

  • The Geographic location of the searcher
  • Historical performance of a listing (clicks, bounce rates, etc.)
  • Link quality (reciprocal vs. one-way)
  • Webpage content (keywords, tags, pictures)
  • Backend code or HTML of the webpage
  • Link-type (social media sharing, link from a media outlet, blog, etc.)

With a 200 Billion market cap, Google dominates the search engine market. Google became the leader by fundamentally revolutionizing how search engines work and giving searchers better results with their advanced algorithms. 

, with a 64% market share, Google is still viewed as the primary innovator and master in the space.

What does it take to rank high?

It is not difficult to get your website to index and even rank on search engines. However, getting your website to rank for specific keywords can be tricky.

There are essentially three elements that a search engine considers when determining where to list a website on the SERP: rank, authority, and relevance.

Rank is the position your website physically falls in on the SERP when a specific search query is entered. 

If you are the first website in the organic section of the SERP (don’t be confused by the paid ads at the very top), then your rank is 1. If your website is in the second position, your rank is 2, and so on.

What does your rank indicate?

 As discussed previously in How Search Engines Work, your rank is an indicator of how relevant and authoritative your website is in the eyes of the search engine, as it relates to the search query entered.

Tracking how your website ranks for a specific keyword over time is an excellent way to determine if your SEO techniques impact. 

However, since there are so many other factors beyond your control regarding ranking, do not obsess over them.

 If your website jumps 1-5 spots from time to time, that’s to be expected. It’s when you jump 10, 20, or 30 places up in the rankings that it makes sense to pat yourself on the back.


As previously discussed in the How Search Engines Work section, search engines determine how authoritative and credible a website’s content is by calculating how many inbound links (links from other websites) it has.

 However, inbound links do not necessarily correlate with higher rankings. The search engines also look at

  • How authoritative are the websites that link to you are
  •  What anchor text is used to link to your website
  • The age of your domain.

Over time, you can track how authoritative your website is by monitoring a few different metrics. There are a variety of tools to help you keep track. 

HubSpot offers a free tool called Website Grader that will show you how many domains link to your website and provide your website’s Moz rank.

MozRank is SEOmoz’s general, logarithmically scaled 10-point global link authority or popularity measure. 

It is very similar in purpose to the measures of link importance used by search engines (e.g., Google’s PageRank).


Relevance is one of the most critical factors of SEO. 

The search engines are not only looking to see that you are using specific keywords, but they are also looking for clues to determine how relevant your content is to a specific search query.

Besides actual text on your web pages, the search engines will review your

  • Website’s structure,
  • Use of keywords in your URLs,
  • Page formatting (such as bolded text).
  •  What keywords are in the headline of the webpage versus those in the body text?

While there is no way to track how relevant your website is. You can practice some SEO basics to cover your bases and make sure you are giving the search engines every possible opportunity to consider your website. We’ll get to that in just a bit.

Search engines are incredibly complex. Bottom line: search engines are trying to think like human beings. 

It is very easy to get caught up in modifying your website’s content so that you rank on the search engines.

When in doubt, always err on the side of providing relevant and coherent content that your website’s audience (your prospects) can digest. 

If you find yourself doing something solely for search engines, you should take a moment to ask yourself why.

Who needs SEO Services?

If you are planning to attract the digital market, you should look into Pretoria SEO services. Besides, with the Covid-19 pandemic at hand, most businesses thrive online.

Now you see, come on board and join the digital world! 

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