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Value Packed Web Design in Cape Town.

I know you are here because you’re looking for the best web design in Cape Town for your business. First impressions are everything as a business in Cape Town or any other location. 

You deserve to stand out amongst the crowd and be a leader in your industry sector. You might be curious what this first impression is! It’s your website. 

Having a beautiful astounding web design in Cape Town is not just a bonus for the current digital environment; it’s an absolute necessity. 

Our Website design services combine creativity with solid reasoning to make sure that we create the most value-packed and performing website for you. 

Whether you are looking for website design in Cape Town or a way to grow your business, you are in the right place.

What is a Website?

A website is a collection of related or unrelated web pages that consist of text, images, videos, and more. A common domain name typically identifies these pages. 

A domain is also known as a Uniform Resource Locator (URL). The URL is published on one or more web servers. 

Examples of commonly used websites are youtube.com, google.com, and symaxx.com. Published websites make up the Internet (also known as the World Wide Web), a collection of pages described above.

Who needs a professionally designed website?

With the way things have changed over the years, every business, company, or organization must have a well-looking, professional website. Website design is an essential part of doing business online.

Every company, entrepreneur, freelancer, and organization looking to build an audience of customers, clients, or followers or launch digital marketing strategies or tactics need a unique website to stand out. 

Most successful companies have adapted to current technology. Don`t be left out! An account on social media isn’t enough. 

Without a thoughtful website design, you cannot attract new visitors and turn them into customers, and your email marketing campaign will fail.

What’s the best Website Design company in Cape Town?

If you are looking for the best and most value-packed website design company in Cape Town, say no more. Symaxx Digital is your best answer. 

Symaxx Digital is incomparable. It’s one of the most value-packed website design and SEO services companies in Cape Town and all of South Africa

We are very accessible, just a few clicks away. To prove that, you can get started by clicking here to request our services. 

Our services are curated to present you with a first-rate shot at success. We believe a website is an extension of you; as a result, it is worth every investment in setting it up.

As you invest in a website, we want to make sure it becomes your money-making tool, giving back to you more than you can ever imagine.

Web design is comprehensive, and website designs can be created in various ways. We pay close attention to your brand story and help bring it to life in the best possible digital way.

Are You Looking For a Web Designer in Cape Town?

If you are looking for web design in Cape Town, I suggest you work with a company rather than an individual web designer. Why is that?

Working with a website design company rather than an individual website designer has many benefits.

I have listed some of the benefits of working with a Web Design Company below:

Quicker response times.

Most website design companies in Cape Town will have a department specifically for customer service, and this can help when you need something done quickly.


Anyone can claim to be a web designer in Cape Town or any location. With the way the digital space is growing, many people are out there to trick people.

Make the right choice and not be a victim of scams or unprofessional website design. Work with professional website design companies like Symaxx Digital.


Most website design companies use premium tools to help you create the best-performing websites. These will give your user the best experience. 

During creating your website, there is a lot factored in. Professional web design companies will use tools that make the process faster. 

The most significant way to provide value and crush a market is to be faster and more efficient than anyone else. Symaxx does just that.


Working with a team of professionals will help you identify ways to grow your business. Companies can establish partnerships, thereby offering clients more value in one package. 

Symaxx would offer related services like SEO services or Paid advertising to help you grow your business drastically.

Structure and Order.

Professional Website Design companies work in an orderly manner and deliver on time. One of the ways through which the website design process can be sped up is by working through a project management system.

A project management system can give a client access to track all the progress and estimated time for the project to finish, and Symaxx offers precisely that. 


A web design company in Cape Town has a group of people dedicated to bringing the best possible service to clients. 

That group has more expertise and experience combined than an individual web designer. As a result, it can provide a better service and final product.

Team triumphs over individuals.

There are a lot of other benefits that include things like affordability and credibility. On the other hand, working with an individual can be pretty sketchy and risky because you don`t even recognize if they’re, without a doubt, certified or maybe authentic.

Most Individual web designers are likely to price much less to entice extra clients and usually do a terrible job trying to kill time. 

Reputation is easier to destroy than to build. Avoid a bad reputation due to a poorly designed website sending out terrible first impressions in your name.

Symaxx Digital offers all the benefits of a professional Web design company. It is up to you to choose whether you want to build or destroy your reputation. 

Website Design Cape Town prices.

Website design prices come in different packages due to the differences in website functionality and size. 

Some companies want to sell products on their websites, while others want an online presence or a platform to list their services and post blogs. So you may ask, how much is website design in Cape Town? 

Website Design prices in Cape Town start from R5,000 to R100,000 / $350 to $6,000, depending on the website’s functionality and size.

At Symaxx, our prices are curated to bring the most value and help you grow your business.

Check out our pricing packages for different types of companies.

Why should you choose Symaxx Digital?

  • We are a South African-based company that is experienced in search-led digital marketing
  • We are passionate about what we do, meticulous in how we work, innovative in designing, flexible to accommodate you whenever you need us, and skilled for your convenience.
  • At Symaxx, we specialize in lead generation through organic search, web design, pay-per-click ads, social media, and the creation of high-quality content
  • We use our agency’s talent and knowledge to boost your internet visibility, popularity, and profitability.
  • We are not only exceptional in website services, but we are also phenomenal communicators who work transparently. 
  • If you work with us, there will never be a time when you are in the dark about the happenings surrounding your website and business. 
  • At Symaxx Digital, we believe teamwork makes the perfect dream work. As such, we work closely with you to ensure that the final product is to your absolute satisfaction. 
  • We understand that your vision and mission are vital to you, hence worth understanding and implementing.
  • We’re invested in growing other businesses’ digital strategies and assets, not just the money you pay us.

How to help a business succeed when all hope is lost?

If you already have a website but think it was a waste of time, let us show you how to gain more business.

To understand what we mean, we will explain. The internet contains millions of websites with billions of pages. 

When potential customers search for your services online, search engines like Google have to select among billions of pages. Some of these pages are from similar businesses as you.

If your website ranks low, it won’t show up in the top search results, and potential customers won’t be able to find you, so your website is almost non-existent.

You may be wondering, how do l know how my website is ranking in search engines like Google. Well, you can do a little experiment right now!!

Go to your phone and Google search your product/ service in a particular area and see if you appear in the top 3. It will take a few seconds.

How did you come up? If you are there, awesome, but if you are not, it simply means your website is not ranking well, and as far as potential clients know, you are non-existent.

Do not give up.

You need a professional SEO services company to improve your brand visibility.

With our SEO services, a great-looking website gives your business the best possible chance to appear in the top search engine results.

We optimize your content and the website to make it easy for search engine algorithms to crawl your site. 

That way, it determines what you are about and suggests your business answers user queries related to your product or design.

Give it a try today, and witness the change!

Symaxx Digital Agency Logo

About Symaxx Digital

We have served hundreds of clients in 7 years, and we are still growing every day, making a new business successful both online and offline.


Our Web Design Process

Our expert Pretoria-based web design team follows a bespoke process from start to finish, providing you with unique website designs tailored to your specific requirements.



Our team will perform research and discovery to plan and inform the phases of the project.



Prior to prototyping the designs, we will create wireframes which plan out the structure and user flow of your website.



In a collaborative process from end-to-end, the design of the website is created from scratch in Photoshop.



The final designs from the design phase are used to develop a web version of the site on our staging server.



The final designs from the design phase are used to develop a web version of the site on our staging server.



The website functionality is developed and content is populated as outlined within the project spec.



The website undergoes a full Q&A and interoperability testing procedure, ensuring optimal performance.

Other Services

Logo Design

Every business needs a Logo to improve its brand Identity. Find out how you can get your logo in a few steps.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the process of making your website accessible online through computer storage that is online 24/7.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Find out how you can start growing by driving relevant traffic to your website through pay per click advertising.

Training and Maintenance

Regular website updates can be quite tiresome. Just leave the work to the professional why you run your business.

WordPress Plugins

A plug-in is a piece of software that acts as an add-on to a website and provides additional functionality.

Website Chat Integration.

Live chat allows companies to communicate with customers in real-time. Find out how you can get started.

Website Security

Security is very important for all websites. Find out how you can implement the best practices for securing your website


A domain is the human-readable name of your website. Find out how to choose the best domain for your business.

Website Design

We create beautiful websites that will keep your clients engaged and coming back to you.

Web Design In Cape Town Questions Answered (FAQs)

The best website design software is WordPress CMS. WordPress is a free and easy-to-use CMS platform. It allows you to build your website no matter what level you are on. Why use WordPress? WordPress is backed up by a database that has over +55,000 plugins that give you different functionalities that can allow you to create almost any type of website you want.

To get a website to run online you might need a few things to get started. Some of these things are a domain and good hosting. If you don’t have the budget for them it is best to get a company to create a website for you using WordPress i.e. Symaxx Digital which would be one of the best options to go to in this case. We have created a video for you to follow if you want to create your own website.  This will work for everyone as long as you are willing to put in the work.

Website design costs can vary depending on a lot of factors such as different company/ individual brand sizes, the function of the website, etc. Below we have broken down the cost for Website design to cater to different your different needs.

Basic builds 

  • Start off from R15,000 / $1000 (once-off fee).
  • These kinds of websites are very simple and don’t offer a lot of functionality. Most of the time these websites can be seen as one-page websites.

Standard Builds

  • Start off from R25,000 / $1,600 (once-off fee).
  • These kinds of builds are mostly for small to medium businesses that want to look professional online. 
  • The websites do not come with a lot of functionality but can have added features for an extra fee if those features are needed.

Premium Builds

  • Start from R35,000 / $2,300 (once-off fee)
  • These kinds of builds are mostly for medium businesses that want to take their online presence to the next level. 
  • The websites can have the basic installation of e-commerce so they can list products and receive payments online.

Custom Builds

  • Price on application.
  • These kinds of builds are for big companies that want to look professional and companies
  • They are ideal for companies/ brands that want to dominate their industry.

Important to note

  1. These are all starting prices for different packages and don’t mean that the packages will stay the same, 
  2. These packages costs may vary based on the different additional features you want on your website.

On average, most website design projects take up to 2 weeks, but the pace of all projects is set by the client. As a professional website development company, we follow a step-by-step process. 


 The amount of input you can provide at an early stage, availability through feedback, and the time your content is ready – all of these affect the speed of completion. Functional requirements can also play a role. More complex sites take longer to develop.

Yes. WordPress is a great CMS (Content Management System) that now powers more than 65% of the web. Its huge market share is due to its flexibility and ease of use. 

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to manage it and help you along the way. WordPress allows us to create websites on a spree making us 10x faster than creating hand-coded websites.

Not at all. We work with customers all over the world. We have customers in more than 20 different countries. Because our team works remotely, we can reach more customers.
If you wanna work with us you can just go ahead and request our services no matter the distance.

Yes absolutely! We love it when our clients take control of their website and learn to manage it on their own. We’ll provide you with a set of comprehensive video tutorials that will guide you step by step to help you learn your way around your website. 


We also go as far as providing you with a training session to help get you on your way, and we’re always available at your convenience to offer you all the technical support you need. (Note: We love to answer your questions!)

Totally! Having a mobile-friendly website is more important than ever! We do our best to make your site appear on a variety of devices. Responsive means that your website can adapt to all screen sizes and provide the best possible experience regardless of the device the user is using.

For most projects, equal payments are made at the start, midway, and the end of the project, but we can work with you to set up a schedule that meets your needs. We understand that this is a big investment and want to help you budget for the expense in whatever way possible.

We accept checks, PayPal, and all major credit cards.

A lot! Your input and feedback are crucial to this process. We’ll start with a lot of questions about your needs, your likes, your wants and work with you to develop just the right look and functionality. All of these questions are designed to help you bring your brand or idea to life digitally.

Usually, it is you. You are an expert in your field, so it’s usually best to come from you. If you need help, we can recommend a copywriter to help you scrape or write the original content at an additional cost.


We also offer SEO Services and when it comes to curating content for the website we will have to take all the writing into our hands to make sure that the content and the website will be optimized to their best…

At Symaxx We value your website Security and it’s core web vitals, we wanna make sure that the website runs faster and cannot be exploited easily.

Hosting is super important when it comes to making your website available to everyone online, to make sure your website is fast and safe you wanna make sure your website is hosted in the right place, our web hosting of choice is Namecheap. Namecheap is a Global hosting provider and they have been trusted by big companies for years. You can trust them as well.

Top sights Cape Town

Based on traveller visits and local insights.

Notable Neighbourhoods

Camps Bay Beach & waterside dining

Beaches, a promenade & diverse eateries

Boulder’s Beach and seafood restaurants

Constantia wine route & Greenbelt trails

Popular beaches with sunset views

Wide beaches & Rietvlei Nature reserve

Cape Malay cultures & Colourful houses

Beach, earless seals, fish & chips, snorkelling and habor

Waterfront Dining and the cape wheel rides

What Our Clients Say

crested crane
crested crane
09:03 21 Aug 22
It Works - we had tried SEO services before with another provider and we where not happy with the results. We decided to give it another go with Symaxx Digital in Pretoria and we couldn't be happier because we stared getting more calls in just under a month. I recommend Symaxx Digital SEO services and website design to anyone because they are value-packed and they work all the time.
Bryan Phantsi
Bryan Phantsi
13:11 14 Apr 22
I had to submit some documents to CIPC and as part of the process was a need for a website. I'm not sure how these guys work but they delivered a great looking website design in 24 hours.The price isquite competitive but worth it.
Short Elf
Short Elf
15:32 03 Apr 22
I had a bad experience before with alot of unprofessional web designers in Rustenburg. A friend of mine told me about these guys from Symaxx Digital in Pretoria, I was skeptical at first but boy was I surprised. They are professional in the work they do and they walk you through everything every step of the way.They also offered to do SEO as a bonus and 6 months later I have so many people coming to my website.I will highly recommend these guys to anyone. Thank you Symaxx
ice cube
ice cube
15:24 03 Apr 22
I was on the hunt for professional website designers In Pretoria and when I searched online Symaxx Digital came at the top with amazing reviews, I didn't even think twice. I was assisted by Symaxx Digital on my website design project that I been holding off for a very long time. They took everything into their hands, hosted my website and created professional emails.I really appreciate the work they did 😃. I would recommend them to anyone who appreciate high quality services.
Joel Habtemariam
Joel Habtemariam
14:49 03 Apr 22
I'm not all techie but you guys exceeded my expectations and I really appreciate that, thank you Symaxx.You guys treated me well and I recommend you to anyone...
Shelin Dube
Shelin Dube
11:04 05 Mar 22
11:10 25 Feb 22
Very responsive support during website design. We have found Symaxx Digital very helpful and efficient - excellent value for money. We have received many compliments about how nice our website looks. High revenues and growth in our client base, all thanks to their amazing SEO services. Highly recommend✊🏾
Michael Ncube
Michael Ncube
09:13 25 Feb 22
Exceptional work.. exceeded my expectations..
Ntokozo Ngulube
Ntokozo Ngulube
08:51 25 Feb 22
Great service, keep up the good work will engage you in my future projects.
Jay Sibanda (Jay_onehunnit)
Jay Sibanda (Jay_onehunnit)
07:54 25 Feb 22
I worked with Bukhosi from Symaxx about a month ago to create my website, I really had a great time working with him, I would recommend this company to anyone they are really professional and quick to respond.
Langelihle Ncube
Langelihle Ncube
08:27 24 Feb 22
Symaxx digital is one of the best Website Design and SEO Service providers. They are efficient and prompt! At the same time producing quality work. Their services are definitely worth it !!!!
Ashley Sibanda
Ashley Sibanda
08:02 24 Feb 22
This website shows quality work and dedication
Nyckie Johan
Nyckie Johan
07:39 24 Feb 22
This is definitely has to be the go to place for digital services.
Kimani Wachira
Kimani Wachira
03:44 23 Feb 22
Spot on web design w/ modern, fast and innovative templates for all types of businesses. You should also consider hire Symaxx Digital for SEO purposes. They are the bests.
Francielle Quinteiro
Francielle Quinteiro
12:52 22 Feb 22
If you want SEO done right, these are the guys to do it
willard shoko
willard shoko
08:58 22 Feb 22
I can recommend any1 to them without hesitation to deliver be it website design.. they know how to make the clients needs and produce the dream the client wants …
Kevin M
Kevin M
07:01 22 Feb 22
These guys are the best, they helped me alot.I needed a logo as soon as possible, and these guys were able to do, a work of master piece and got me an amazing logo in Just under an hour.I would recommend these guys to anyone who appreciate quality work and great customer service😁.
Sthae Yoxolo
Sthae Yoxolo
06:03 22 Feb 22
I was looking for SEO services that work and the way they helped was amazing really appreciate the help 😌
Luigi Cleffi
Luigi Cleffi
00:14 22 Feb 22
I was very skeptical when it comes to working with an international website design company but I honestly don't regret my decision. These young man are very talented and quick to deliver. ( D Time General of Our time )I would really recommend them to anyone who wants to do serious business and A trial will Convince u For life.Thank you Symaxx for been the Best
Andrew Tola
Andrew Tola
00:09 22 Feb 22
I just tried out their SEO services and Web Design. I'd honestly say it looks good already, can't wait to start seeing results. Thumbs up to the support as well, it's outstanding
Malwande Moyo
Malwande Moyo
22:54 21 Feb 22
These guys have the best digital marketing. They helped me grow my business and i would really recommend them to anyone who wants to grow their business. Great customer service 👏
Simiso Khumalo
Simiso Khumalo
20:47 12 Feb 22
These guys are professional SEO and web design experts. You cant go wrong.
Tux Systems
Tux Systems
20:39 12 Feb 22
Symaxx Digital offers the best SEO services and digital design and I would recommend them to anyone.
Brian Murdoch
Brian Murdoch
20:27 12 Feb 22
Thank you for your work. My website is fully functional now because of the amazing work you have done for me. I am currently ranking at the tip in google search because of the amazing work you have done for me.I definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a professional website with fully functional SEO.
Phillip Sinothi
Phillip Sinothi
20:18 12 Feb 22
I’m happy with the customer service here, these guys are young and very talented. I’m really happy with the Web design and SEO services.I recommend them to anyone who is trying to grow their business
Mpume Moyo
Mpume Moyo
18:55 12 Feb 22
Someone told me about SEO services and when I searched online I found Symaxx, I love the customer service because it's amazing and they are really great at understanding your problems and finding ways to fix them.I still waiting to see results and I will update my review after that...
Masindi Sambo
Masindi Sambo
18:51 12 Feb 22
I waited sometime to post this because I wanted to see results first. I already feel ashamed because I think I'm getting more value than what I paid. Don't take may word, try it yourselfSymaxx has the best website design and SEO services
Phumzile Phantsi
Phumzile Phantsi
18:47 12 Feb 22
I needed a school project done and I had no Idea where to start. The guys from Symaxx created the most amazing website design and SEO services to make my project public.
Lesedi Pholohane
Lesedi Pholohane
18:37 12 Feb 22
Symaxx Digital is the best. Professionalism, punctuality, creativity, communication skills, ooh I'm out of words. Thank you so much for working with us.
Phindile Ngandu
Phindile Ngandu
17:58 25 Nov 21
suite style designs
suite style designs
14:21 25 Nov 21
Ivy Dube
Ivy Dube
00:45 01 Jun 21
Symaxx Digital has helped me to move my business to the online world ... they are very professional and the guys were very patient in the process
Matiasi Ezra
Matiasi Ezra
11:25 19 Sep 20
I loved working with Symaxx. Their professionalism is on another level. They did exactly what I wanted them to do and they were very patient and at the end I found myself with an amazing e-commerce site. They said my e commerce site will be ready in 3 days and in 3 days, they were done. Besides doing exactly what I had asked them to do, they even suggested more items that will make my website appear professional and exciting to users. I would recommend Symaxx any day, any time! ❤️
Similo Moyo
Similo Moyo
14:41 17 Sep 20
Symaxx is a team of authentic young men - very techy and highly smart. They do great work, have worked with them and they are on point. I would recommend them to anyone.
Frederick Dandure
Frederick Dandure
16:33 27 Dec 19
Amazing staff,really professional, efficient and attentive.
khanyile ndlovu
khanyile ndlovu
18:49 21 Dec 19
Great website
Mzie Ndebele
Mzie Ndebele
04:39 18 Dec 19
Great support
Nigel Ndebele
Nigel Ndebele
04:18 18 Dec 19
Great website 💯also love the graphic designing
Shane Young
Shane Young
03:39 18 Dec 19
Great support from this team and really great website designs, just don't take my word for it try it your self..
22:17 17 Dec 19
Great website designers and support. Worked with them in a couple of my projects and all my clients love their website. Will definetely be working with you on more projects..😊😊😊. Happy customer
thembelihle moyo
thembelihle moyo
22:14 17 Dec 19
After a week of looking for the right designer for our website we finally landed here. Personally I don't regret even though it took longer than I expected, We are now getting more than 15k new visitors a week and keeps on growing Im really excited I would really recommend this anyone or any company the guys do a great job.
D. Machikicho
D. Machikicho
18:30 22 Nov 19
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